November 5th All Events

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November 5th, 2007 (November 05 2007)DeathNils Liedholm, Swedish football midfielder and coach (born in 1922)
November 5th, 2006 (November 05 2006)EventSaddam Hussein, former president of Iraq, and his co-defendants Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar are sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for the role in the massacre of the 148 Shi as in 1982.Saddam Hussein Quotes
November 5th, 2006 (November 05 2006)DeathBulent Ecevit, four term Turkish Prime Minister (born in 1925)
November 5th, 2005 (November 05 2005)DeathRod Donald, New Zealand environmentalist (born in 1957)
November 5th, 2005 (November 05 2005)DeathJohn Fowles, English writer (born in 1926)
November 5th, 2005 (November 05 2005)DeathVirginia MacWatters, American soprano (born in 1912)
November 5th, 2003 (November 05 2003)DeathBobby Hatfield, American singer (Righteous Brothers) (born in 1940)
November 5th, 2002 (November 05 2002)DeathBilly Guy, American singer (The Coasters) (born in 1936)
November 5th, 2001 (November 05 2001)DeathRoy Boulting, English film director and producer (born in 1913)
November 5th, 2001 (November 05 2001)DeathBarry Horne , a British animal liberation activist.
November 5th, 2000 (November 05 2000)EventEmperor Haile Selassie I is given an Imperial funeral by the Ethiopian Orthodox church
November 5th, 2000 (November 05 2000)DeathVictor Grinich, American businessman (born in 1924)
November 5th, 2000 (November 05 2000)DeathBibi Titi Mohammed, Tanzanian politician (b.1926)
November 5th, 2000 (November 05 2000)DeathJimmie Davis, singer and politician (born in 1899)
November 5th, 1997 (November 05 1997)DeathJames Robert Baker, American novelist, screenwriter (born in 1946)
November 5th, 1997 (November 05 1997)DeathIsaiah Berlin, Latvian-born historian of ideas (born in 1909)
November 5th, 1997 (November 05 1997)DeathEpic Soundtracks, English musician (Swell Maps, Crime and the City Solution, These Immortal Souls) (born in 1959)
November 5th, 1996 (November 05 1996)EventPresident of Pakistan Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari dismisses the government of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and dissolves the National Assembly of Pakistan.
November 5th, 1996 (November 05 1996)DeathEddie Harris, American saxophonist (born in 1934)
November 5th, 1995 (November 05 1995)EventAndre Dallaire attempts to assassinate Jean Chretien; he is thwarted when the Prime Minister s wife locks the door.
November 5th, 1992 (November 05 1992)DeathArpad Elo, American physicist and chess player (born in 1903)
November 5th, 1991 (November 05 1991)DeathFred MacMurray, American actor (born in 1908)
November 5th, 1991 (November 05 1991)DeathRobert Maxwell, Slovakian-born media entrepreneur (born in 1923)
November 5th, 1990 (November 05 1990)EventRabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead after a speech at a New York City hotel.
November 5th, 1990 (November 05 1990)DeathMeir Kahane, Israeli rabbi and activist (born in 1932)
November 5th, 1989 (November 05 1989)DeathVladimir Horowitz, Russian pianist (born in 1903)
November 5th, 1987 (November 05 1987)EventGovan Mbeki is released from custody after serving 24 years in prison. He had been sentenced to life for terrorism and treason.
November 5th, 1987 (November 05 1987)BirthKevin Jonas, American singer
November 5th, 1987 (November 05 1987)DeathEamonn Andrews, Television Presenter (born in 1922)
November 5th, 1986 (November 05 1986)EventUSS Rentz (FFG-46), USS Reeves (DLG-24) and USS Oldendorf (DD-972) visit Qingdao (Tsing Tao) China - the first US Naval visit to China since 1949.
November 5th, 1986 (November 05 1986)BirthBoA, Korean singer
November 5th, 1986 (November 05 1986)BirthKasper Schmeichel, Danish footballer
November 5th, 1986 (November 05 1986)DeathClaude Jutra, Quebecois actor and film director (born in 1930)
November 5th, 1986 (November 05 1986)DeathBobby Nunn, American singer (The Coasters) (born in 1925)
November 5th, 1985 (November 05 1985)BirthKate DeAraugo, Australian Idol 2005
November 5th, 1985 (November 05 1985)BirthTanaka Koki, Japanese idol (member of KAT-TUN)
November 5th, 1985 (November 05 1985)DeathSpencer W. Kimball, twelfth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (born in 1895) Jesus Christ Quotes
November 5th, 1985 (November 05 1985)DeathArnold Chikobava, Georgian linguist (born in 1898)
November 5th, 1984 (November 05 1984)BirthNick Folk, American football player
November 5th, 1984 (November 05 1984)BirthTobias Enstrom, Swedish hockey player
November 5th, 1983 (November 05 1983)EventByford Dolphin diving bell accident kills five and leaves one severely injured.
November 5th, 1983 (November 05 1983)BirthMike Hanke, German footballer
November 5th, 1982 (November 05 1982)DeathEdward Hallett Carr, historian
November 5th, 1982 (November 05 1982)DeathJacques Tati, French actor and director (born in 1908)
November 5th, 1980 (November 05 1980)BirthChristoph Metzelder, German footballer
November 5th, 1980 (November 05 1980)BirthJaime Camara, Brazilian racing driver
November 5th, 1980 (November 05 1980)BirthEva Gonzalez, Spanish model and beauty queen
November 5th, 1979 (November 05 1979)EventAyatollah Khomeini declares the USA to be "the great Satan".
November 5th, 1979 (November 05 1979)DeathAl Capp, American cartoonist (born in 1909)
November 5th, 1978 (November 05 1978)BirthMihalis Hatzigiannis, Greek-Cypriot songwriter and singer
November 5th, 1977 (November 05 1977)BirthBrittney Skye, American porn star
November 5th, 1977 (November 05 1977)BirthRichard Wright, English footballer
November 5th, 1977 (November 05 1977)DeathRene Goscinny, French comic book writer (born in 1926)
November 5th, 1977 (November 05 1977)DeathGuy Lombardo, Canadian conductor (born in 1902)
November 5th, 1975 (November 05 1975)DeathEdward Lawrie Tatum, American geneticist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1909)
November 5th, 1975 (November 05 1975)DeathAnnette Kellerman, Australian swimmer (born in 1887)
November 5th, 1975 (November 05 1975)DeathLionel Trilling, American critic and writer (born in 1905)Lionel Trilling Quotes
November 5th, 1974 (November 05 1974)BirthAngela Gossow, German vocalist (Arch Enemy)
November 5th, 1974 (November 05 1974)BirthDado Prso, Croatian footballer
November 5th, 1974 (November 05 1974)BirthJerry Stackhouse, American basketball player
November 5th, 1974 (November 05 1974)BirthRyan Adams, American musician
November 5th, 1974 (November 05 1974)DeathStafford Repp, American actor (born in 1918)
November 5th, 1973 (November 05 1973)BirthJohnny Damon, American baseball playerJohnny Damon Quotes
November 5th, 1973 (November 05 1973)BirthAlexei Yashin, Russian ice hockey player
November 5th, 1973 (November 05 1973)BirthDaniella Westbrook, English actress
November 5th, 1971 (November 05 1971)BirthDana Jacobson, ESPN s First Take hostess
November 5th, 1971 (November 05 1971)BirthRob Jones, English footballer
November 5th, 1971 (November 05 1971)BirthCorin Nemec, American actor
November 5th, 1971 (November 05 1971)BirthJonny Greenwood, guitarist (Radiohead)
November 5th, 1971 (November 05 1971)BirthSergei Berezin, National Hockey League player
November 5th, 1971 (November 05 1971)BirthEdmond Leung, Hong Kong singer
November 5th, 1971 (November 05 1971)DeathSam Jones, baseball player (born in 1925)
November 5th, 1970 (November 05 1970)EventVietnam War: The United States Military Assistance Command in Vietnam reports the lowest weekly American soldier death toll in five years (24).
November 5th, 1970 (November 05 1970)BirthJavy Lopez, baseball player
November 5th, 1970 (November 05 1970)BirthTamzin Outhwaite, English actress
November 5th, 1968 (November 05 1968)BirthSam Rockwell, American film actor
November 5th, 1968 (November 05 1968)BirthJudy Reyes, Dominican American actress
November 5th, 1968 (November 05 1968)BirthAitana Sanchez-Gijon, Spanish actress
November 5th, 1967 (November 05 1967)EventThe Hither Green rail crash in the United Kingdom kills 49 people. The survivors include Bee Gee Robin Gibb.
November 5th, 1966 (November 05 1966)BirthGeorgia Apostolou, Greek actress
November 5th, 1966 (November 05 1966)BirthNayim, Spanish footballer
November 5th, 1965 (November 05 1965)EventState of Emergency declared in Rhodesia after collapse of negotiations with Great Britain over Rhodesian independence (UDI would follow six days later).
November 5th, 1965 (November 05 1965)BirthFamke Janssen, Dutch model and actress
November 5th, 1965 (November 05 1965)BirthKubrat, Prince of Panagiurishte, titular Bulgarian royal family
November 5th, 1964 (November 05 1964)BirthTim Blake Nelson, American actor
November 5th, 1964 (November 05 1964)DeathLansdale Sasscer, U.S. Congressman for Maryland s 5th District (born in 1893)
November 5th, 1964 (November 05 1964)DeathBuddy Cole, American jazz pianist and orchestra leader (born in 1916)
November 5th, 1963 (November 05 1963)BirthAndrea McArdle, American actress
November 5th, 1963 (November 05 1963)BirthTatum O Neal, American actress
November 5th, 1962 (November 05 1962)EventAn accident kills 21 miners at the government-owned Kings Bay Coal Company on Svalbard, leading the Norwegian government to close the mine.
November 5th, 1962 (November 05 1962)BirthAbedi Pele, Ghanaian footballer
November 5th, 1962 (November 05 1962)BirthMarcus J. Ranum, American computer/network security innovator
November 5th, 1961 (November 05 1961)BirthGina Mastrogiacomo, American actress (died in 2001)
November 5th, 1961 (November 05 1961)BirthDavid Bryson, American guitarist and vocalist (Counting Crows)
November 5th, 1960 (November 05 1960)BirthTilda Swinton, English actress
November 5th, 1960 (November 05 1960)DeathWard Bond, American actor (born in 1903)
November 5th, 1960 (November 05 1960)DeathJohnny Horton, country music singer (b.1925)
November 5th, 1960 (November 05 1960)DeathMack Sennett, Canadian producer and director (born in 1880)
November 5th, 1959 (November 05 1959)BirthBryan Adams, Canadian musician
November 5th, 1958 (November 05 1958)BirthDon Falcone, American musician and producer
November 5th, 1958 (November 05 1958)BirthRobert Patrick, American actor
November 5th, 1957 (November 05 1957)BirthJon-Erik Hexum, American actor (died in 1984)
November 5th, 1956 (November 05 1956)DeathArt Tatum, American musician (born in 1909)
November 5th, 1955 (November 05 1955)BirthKaran Thapar, Foremost Indian Journalist, Political Analyst & Commentator
November 5th, 1955 (November 05 1955)BirthBernard Chazelle, French computer scientist
November 5th, 1955 (November 05 1955)BirthNestor Serrano, American actor
November 5th, 1955 (November 05 1955)DeathMaurice Utrillo, French artist (born in 1883)
November 5th, 1954 (November 05 1954)EventJapan and Burma sign in Rangoon a separate treaty of peace to end the formal state of war.
November 5th, 1953 (November 05 1953)BirthFlorentino V. Floro, Filipino dwarf judge
November 5th, 1953 (November 05 1953)BirthJoyce Maynard, American writer
November 5th, 1952 (November 05 1952)BirthBill Walton, American basketball player and commentator
November 5th, 1952 (November 05 1952)BirthOleg Blokhin, Ukrainian footballer
November 5th, 1952 (November 05 1952)BirthVandana Shiva, Indian physicist
November 5th, 1951 (November 05 1951)DeathReggie Walker, South African athlete (born in 1889)
November 5th, 1950 (November 05 1950)BirthThorbjorn Jagland, former Norwegian prime minister
November 5th, 1949 (November 05 1949)BirthArmin Shimerman, American actor
November 5th, 1949 (November 05 1949)BirthJimmie Spheeris, American singer-songwriter (died in 1984)
November 5th, 1948 (November 05 1948)BirthMel Ab-Owain, Welsh politician
November 5th, 1948 (November 05 1948)BirthPeter Hammill, British musician
November 5th, 1948 (November 05 1948)BirthHridayananda dasa Goswami, ISKCON guru
November 5th, 1948 (November 05 1948)BirthBernard-Henri Levy, French public intellectual
November 5th, 1948 (November 05 1948)BirthWilliam Daniel Phillips, American physicist, Nobel laureate
November 5th, 1947 (November 05 1947)BirthPeter Noone, English musician (Herman s Hermits)
November 5th, 1946 (November 05 1946)BirthHerman Brood, Dutch musician and artist (died in 2001)
November 5th, 1946 (November 05 1946)BirthGram Parsons, American musician (died in 1973)
November 5th, 1945 (November 05 1945)EventColombia joins the United Nations.
November 5th, 1945 (November 05 1945)BirthPeter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
November 5th, 1945 (November 05 1945)BirthAleka Papariga, Greek politician
November 5th, 1944 (November 05 1944)DeathAlexis Carrel, French surgeon and biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1873)Alexis Carrel Quotes
November 5th, 1943 (November 05 1943)BirthFriedman Paul Erhardt (Chef Tell), German-born American TV chef (died in 2007)
November 5th, 1943 (November 05 1943)BirthSam Shepard, American playwright and actor
November 5th, 1942 (November 05 1942)EventThe Second Battle of El Alamein is won by the British in El Alamein, Egypt.
November 5th, 1942 (November 05 1942)DeathGeorge M. Cohan, American musician, actor, writer, and composer (born in 1878)
November 5th, 1941 (November 05 1941)BirthArt Garfunkel, American musicianArt Garfunkel Quotes
November 5th, 1941 (November 05 1941)DeathArndt Pekurinen, Finnish pacifist (born in 1905)
November 5th, 1940 (November 05 1940)EventFranklin Delano Roosevelt is elected to a third term as President of The United States of America.Franklin Delano Roosevelt Quotes
November 5th, 1940 (November 05 1940)BirthElke Sommer, German actress
November 5th, 1938 (November 05 1938)BirthJoe Dassin, French-speaking American singer (died in 1980)
November 5th, 1938 (November 05 1938)BirthCesar Luis Menotti, Argentine footballer
November 5th, 1938 (November 05 1938)BirthJim Steranko, American graphic artist, comic book writer-artist-historian, publisher, and film production illustrator
November 5th, 1937 (November 05 1937)EventWorld War II: Adolf Hitler holds a secret meeting and states his plans for acquiring "living space" for the German people.Adolf Hitler Quotes
November 5th, 1937 (November 05 1937)BirthHarris Yulin, American actor
November 5th, 1936 (November 05 1936)BirthMichael Dertouzos, Greek internet pioneer, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director of the M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science (died in 2001)
November 5th, 1935 (November 05 1935)BirthLester Piggott, British jockey
November 5th, 1935 (November 05 1935)BirthChristopher Wood, English screenwriter and novellist
November 5th, 1934 (November 05 1934)BirthVictor Argo, American actor (died in 2004)
November 5th, 1933 (November 05 1933)DeathTexas Guinan, American saloon keeper, actress, and musician (born in 1884)
November 5th, 1931 (November 05 1931)BirthIke Turner, American musician (died in 2007)
November 5th, 1930 (November 05 1930)DeathChristiaan Eijkman, Dutch physician and pathologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1858)
November 5th, 1923 (November 05 1923)DeathJacques d Adelsward-Fersen, French novelist (born in 1880)
November 5th, 1922 (November 05 1922)BirthViolet Barclay, American illustrator
November 5th, 1921 (November 05 1921)BirthGeorges Cziffra, Hungarian pianist (died in 1994)
November 5th, 1921 (November 05 1921)BirthFawzia of Egypt, Queen of Iran
November 5th, 1920 (November 05 1920)BirthDouglass North, American economist, Nobel Prize laureate
November 5th, 1919 (November 05 1919)BirthHasan Askari, Pakistani philosopher (died in 1978) Philo Quotes
November 5th, 1919 (November 05 1919)BirthMyron Floren, American accordianist The Lawrence Welk Show (died in 2005)
November 5th, 1917 (November 05 1917)EventOctober Revolution: In Tallinn, Esthonia, Communist leader Jaan Anwelt leads revolutionaries in overthrowing the Provisional Government (As Estonia and Russia are still using the Julian Calendar, subsequent period references show an October 23 date). Julian Quotes
November 5th, 1917 (November 05 1917)EventSt. Tikhon of Moscow is elected the Patriarch of Moscow and of the Russian Orthodox Church.
November 5th, 1917 (November 05 1917)BirthJacqueline Auriol, French aviatrix (died in 2000)
November 5th, 1917 (November 05 1917)BirthBanarsi Das Gupta, Indian former Chief Minister of Haryana (died in 2007)
November 5th, 1916 (November 05 1916)EventThe Kingdom of Poland is proclaimed by the Act of November 5th of the emperors of Germany and Austria-Hungary.
November 5th, 1916 (November 05 1916)EventThe Everett Massacre takes place in Everett, Washington as political differences lead to a shoot-out between IWW organizers and local police.
November 5th, 1914 (November 05 1914)BirthAlton Tobey, American artist (died in 2005)
November 5th, 1913 (November 05 1913)EventThe insane king Otto of Bavaria is deposed by his cousin, Prince Regent Ludwig, who assumes the title Ludwig III.
November 5th, 1913 (November 05 1913)EventUnited Kingdom annexes Cyprus, and together with France declares war on the Ottoman Empire.
November 5th, 1913 (November 05 1913)BirthVivien Leigh, English actress (died in 1967)
November 5th, 1911 (November 05 1911)EventAfter declaring war on the Ottoman Empire on September 29, 1911, Italy annexes Tripoli and Cyrenaica.
November 5th, 1911 (November 05 1911)BirthRoy Rogers, American actor (died in 1998)
November 5th, 1906 (November 05 1906)BirthFred Lawrence Whipple, American astronomer (died in 2004)
November 5th, 1906 (November 05 1906)BirthEndre Kabos, Hungarian Olympic champion fencer (died in 1944))
November 5th, 1905 (November 05 1905)BirthJoel McCrea, American actor (died in 1990)
November 5th, 1904 (November 05 1904)BirthCooney Weiland, Canadian hockey player (died in 1985)
November 5th, 1900 (November 05 1900)BirthMartin Dies, Jr., American politician (died in 1972)
November 5th, 1900 (November 05 1900)BirthNatalie Schafer, American actress (died in 1991)
November 5th, 1895 (November 05 1895)EventGeorge B. Selden is granted the first U.S. patent for an automobile.
November 5th, 1895 (November 05 1895)BirthWalter Gieseking, French pianist (died in 1956)
November 5th, 1895 (November 05 1895)BirthCharles MacArthur, American author (died in 1956)
November 5th, 1892 (November 05 1892)BirthJ. B. S. Haldane, Scottish geneticist (died in 1964)
November 5th, 1890 (November 05 1890)BirthJan Zrzavy, Czech painter (died in 1977)
November 5th, 1885 (November 05 1885)BirthWill Durant, American historian (died in 1981)
November 5th, 1884 (November 05 1884)BirthJames Flecker, English writer (died in 1915)
November 5th, 1881 (November 05 1881)BirthGeorge A. Malcolm, American jurist & educator (died in 1961)
November 5th, 1879 (November 05 1879)DeathJames Clerk Maxwell, Scottish physicist (born in 1831)
November 5th, 1873 (November 05 1873)BirthTeddy Flack, Australian athlete, double Olympic gold medallist in 1896. (died in 1935)
November 5th, 1872 (November 05 1872)EventWomen s suffrage: In defiance of the law, suffragist Susan B. Anthony votes for the first time, and is later fined $100.Susan B. Anthony Quotes
November 5th, 1862 (November 05 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Abraham Lincoln removes George B. McClellan as commander of the Union Army for the second and final time.Abraham Lincoln Quotes
November 5th, 1862 (November 05 1862)EventIndian Wars: In Minnesota, more than 300 Santee Sioux are found guilty of rape and murder of white settlers and are sentenced to hang.
November 5th, 1857 (November 05 1857)BirthIda Tarbell, American journalist (died in 1944)
November 5th, 1855 (November 05 1855)BirthLeon Teisserenc de Bort, French meteorologist (died in 1913)
November 5th, 1855 (November 05 1855)BirthEugene V. Debs, American socialist leader (died in 1926)Eugene V. Debs Quotes
November 5th, 1854 (November 05 1854)EventThe Battle of Inkerman is fought during the Crimean War.
November 5th, 1854 (November 05 1854)BirthPaul Sabatier, French chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1941)
November 5th, 1854 (November 05 1854)BirthAlphonse Desjardins, founder of the Caisses populaires Desjardins (died in 1920)
November 5th, 1851 (November 05 1851)BirthCharles Dupuy, French prime minister (died in 1923)
November 5th, 1850 (November 05 1850)BirthElla Wheeler Wilcox, American author and poet (died in 1919)Ella Wheeler Wilcox Quotes
November 5th, 1846 (November 05 1846)BirthDuncan Gordon Boyes, English recipient of the Victoria Cross (died in 1869)
November 5th, 1838 (November 05 1838)EventThe Federal Republic of Central America begins to disintegrate when Nicaragua separated from the federation.
November 5th, 1836 (November 05 1836)DeathKarel Hynek Macha, Czech poet (born in 1810)
November 5th, 1835 (November 05 1835)BirthMoritz Szeps, Austrian journalist (died in 1902)
November 5th, 1831 (November 05 1831)EventNat Turner, American slave leader, is tried, convicted, and sentenced to death in Virginia.Ted Turner Quotes
November 5th, 1828 (November 05 1828)DeathMaria Fyodorovna of Russia, second wife of Tsar Paul I of Russia (born in 1759)
November 5th, 1818 (November 05 1818)BirthBenjamin Franklin Butler, 33rd Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1893)Benjamin Franklin Quotes
November 5th, 1780 (November 05 1780)EventFrench-American force under Colonel LaBalme is defeated by Miami Chief Little Turtle.
November 5th, 1768 (November 05 1768)EventTreaty of Fort StanwixThe purpose of the conference was to adjust the boundary line between Indian lands and white settlements set forth in the Proclamation of 1763 in the Thirteen Colonies.
November 5th, 1758 (November 05 1758)DeathHans Egede, Norwegian Lutheran missionary (born in 1686)
November 5th, 1757 (November 05 1757)EventSeven Years War: Frederick the Great defeats the allied armies of France and the Holy Roman Empire in the Battle of Rossbach.
November 5th, 1752 (November 05 1752)DeathCarl Andreas Duker, German classical scholar (born in 1670)
November 5th, 1743 (November 05 1743)EventCoordinated scientific observations of the transit of Mercury were organized by Joseph-Nicolas Delisle.
November 5th, 1742 (November 05 1742)BirthRichard Cosway, English artist (died in 1821)
November 5th, 1722 (November 05 1722)BirthWilliam Byron, 5th Baron Byron, English duelist (died in 1798)
November 5th, 1715 (November 05 1715)BirthJohn Brown, English writer (died in 1766)
November 5th, 1714 (November 05 1714)DeathBernardino Ramazzini, Italian physician (born in 1633)
November 5th, 1701 (November 05 1701)BirthPietro Longhi, Venetian painter (died in 1785)
November 5th, 1701 (November 05 1701)DeathCharles Gerard, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield, French-born English politician (bc. 1659)
November 5th, 1688 (November 05 1688)EventGlorious Revolution begins: William of Orange lands at Brixham.
November 5th, 1667 (November 05 1667)BirthChristoph Ludwig Agricola, German painter (died in 1719)
November 5th, 1660 (November 05 1660)DeathLucy Hay, Countess of Carlisle, English socialite (born in 1599)
November 5th, 1660 (November 05 1660)DeathAlexandre de Rhodes, French Jesuit missionary (born in 1591)
November 5th, 1615 (November 05 1615)BirthIbrahim I, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1648)
November 5th, 1613 (November 05 1613)BirthIsaac de Benserade, French poet (died in 1691)Isaac de Benserade Quotes
November 5th, 1605 (November 05 1605)EventGunpowder Plot: A plot led by Robert Catesby to blow up the English Houses of Parliament is thwarted when Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, finds Guy Fawkes in a cellar below the Parliament building.Guy Fawkes Quotes
November 5th, 1592 (November 05 1592)BirthCharles Chauncy, English-born president of Harvard College (died in 1672)
November 5th, 1559 (November 05 1559)DeathKano Motonobu, Japanese painter (born in 1476)
November 5th, 1549 (November 05 1549)BirthPhilippe de Mornay, French writer (died in 1623)
November 5th, 1530 (November 05 1530)EventSt. Felix s Flood destroys the city of Reimerswaal in the Netherlands
November 5th, 1515 (November 05 1515)DeathMariotto Albertinelli, Italian painter (born in 1474)
November 5th, 1499 (November 05 1499)EventPublication of the Catholicon in Treguier (Brittany). This Breton-French-Latin dictionary was written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc. It is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary.
November 5th, 1494 (November 05 1494)BirthHans Sachs, German mastersinger (died in 1576)
November 5th, 1370 (November 05 1370)DeathCasimir III the Great king of Poland
November 5th, 1271 (November 05 1271)BirthMahmud Ghazan, Mongol ruler (died in 1304)

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